Being New & Ignorant

Don’t be afraid of your own ignorance or insecurity.  Now that I’m a new resident of KC MO, I’m remembering how great it is to be new, and, therefore, unaware of such things as directions, where to get things, etc.  I use my “newness” as a way to ask others what I don’t yet know (such as directions).  It’s been a long time since I’ve been truly new at something, and it reminds me how useful it is.  For one thing, there’s may be a kind of immunity from offending someone when you preface a question with “I’m sorry I’m new here, so I’d love to know the backstory to your feelings.”  It sure beats saying “Where are you coming from?”   I’m tempted to “fib” and be a “new” resident for a very long time.

Along those lines, I’ve never had much fear of not knowing in my professional life either, and I recommend it.  Transportation supervisors need to buy time to be smart.  Don’t be afraid to say to parents, staff etc.:  “I will get back to you.  Don’t make any changes until you hear from me.  If you don’t hear from me in [what period of time] please ask me again.”

– Peggy

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