Integrity – Will You Answer the Call?

I once had a boss tell me “You’re not going to tell me about that because if you did I’d have to do something.”  It really bothered me at the time because I wanted to discuss something we were doing that was just wrong for kids.

As I read the following headline I couldn’t help thinking about this mindless bureaucrat (who was fired the next year.)

Aurora shooting suspect’s psychiatrist alerted colleagues of threat, but officials never contacted police

Things never “came together” because James Holmes, the shooter, had begun the process of dropping out of school.  A few University of Colorado officials took the easy way out. After all, they probably reasoned, this isn’t going to be our problem soon.

When you’re tempted to suspend your integrity let this awful calamity remind you that plausible deniability just isn’t good enough. Maybe then there will be something positive, no matter how small, to be taken from this senseless tragedy.

– Pete

Posted on October 13, 2012, in Core Values. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Lon Waterman, Assistant Director North Kansas City Schools

    Pete, well stated. What we do for children each and every day comes down to individual integrity; if something is worth doing, than it is worth doing well. In an era where taking the easy way out or looking the other way seems common place it is good to be reminded of our responsibilty….it begins with each of us. Thank you for taking the time to remind us of our what is important…..there are no shortcuts to personal integrity.

  2. Thanks Lon. Well stated yourself.

  3. I cannot add any more to what you said Lon. I agree. Very well stated.

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