It’s the Kids, Stupid

When Bill Clinton was running for president he famously wrote “IT’S THE ECONOMY, STUPID!” on the grease board in his campaign office.  As I sit here between sessions at NASDPTS and NAPT I find myself thinking about which sessions that I’ve presented or attended really resonated. The answer in almost every single case involves serving students.

We entered this profession for a variety of reasons, but for most of us, we stay in the profession because we enjoy making a difference in the lives of kids.  It’s sometimes difficult to remember that when we’re dealing with an angry customer or a personnel issue. We need to frequently remind ourselves “IT’S THE KIDS, STUPID!”

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  1. Good point to put on the break room message board.

  2. You are so right. Often I find myself as director coming back and asking myself the question, “What is in the best interest of the kids we serve.” It’s a difficult lesson to learn and even harder to teach that ours is a service industry.

  3. And I can tell you, Pete, that I was as moved by the workshop that you, Judy Shanley, and Greg Akin did at NASDPTS on transition training and services as anything I’ve attended in a long time. I was touched by your real world actions to help kids become more independent, and how that meshed with the parents’ own hopes and dreams for their children with disabilities. We bureaucrats sometimes need to be reminded why we’re here.

  4. If we are in it for any other reason then we need to get out !!

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