The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

I collect egregious stories about bus drivers.  I adapt real life situations I learn about to make them teachable moments.  In a pinch, I’ll invent a good illustration of a point I want to get across to drivers, attendants, or their supervisors.

It’s with an eerie sense of “how could this happen” that I read, sometimes, headlines or court cases that describe events that I have dramatized, enhanced, or simply put out there as a shocking exaggeration of unacceptable strategies or failings designed to capture my audience’s attention, and stick with them.

I ask you. . .how is it that I continue to read accounts of how a driver or teacher has duct-taped a child?   How could each of these headlines (some real, some concocted by me to represent the situation reported) form accurate lead-in’s to media reports of terrible situations:

“Who’s the adult:  Driver sprays mace in student’s face”

“Driver disabled camera before mistreating handicapped child”

“Cell phone video captures driver’s cursing”

“Aide is silent while driver takes female student into his own home off-route”


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