Billboard Inspirations

White blank billboard, blue sky behind. Outlined with clipping path.

What’s on Your Billboard?

We travelled by car recently from Pueblo Colorado back home to Kansas City after our nephew’s high school graduation.  I love a car trip, but the scenery on this particular stretch leaves much to be desired.  I amused myself by seeing how I might modify the billboards that proliferate before you reach a town of any real size. 

The inspiration for this game came from a billboard for Midwest University.  It proclaimed “Fueled by knowledge; founded on faith.”  I think this version would make a good banner statement for your operation:  “Founded on commitment; fueled by knowledge.”  I think this statement would trigger an interesting discussion at a safety meeting.  What are your staff members committed to?  If they respond with obvious choices, like “students” and/or “safety,” you might ask them what that looks like.  And what do they know or need to know that powers their journey?

A billboard advertising an insurance company I’d never heard of claimed to be “Protecting what’s important to you since 1960.”  I like that one too.  How long have you been protecting what’s important to the parents whose children you serve?  How do you do that?

Finally, a medical facility bragged that “Our dedication to great care shows in everything we do.”  What if your version of that proclamation said “Our dedication to safety shows in everything we do.”  Can your staff members make that claim? More significantly, can your customers recognize that dedication?

I’m not advocating that you adopt these slogans in any official way without discussing it with counsel.  Believe it or not, if the slogans are copyrighted, your public use could violate federal trademark laws.  I’m not at all worried, however, about your using them as a training theme.   Let us know if you do.  And, we’d love to hear from you about the messages you use to represent your operation.

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  1. Neat idea, what a gteat meeting opener!

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