Summer Travel and An Apology to Our Readers

The summer conference and training schedules have dashed our hopes and plans of posting more frequently. We’re truly sorry. We hope to get back to the regular schedule in the fall, filled with new ideas and inspirations from our summer experiences. Peggy is also temporarily on the disabled list recovering from surgery.

One of the benefits of writing this blog is that we get to share frustrations and ideas. We also get to pass on praise and complaints. In that spirit I offer the following.

It has been both a pleasure and an honor to be invited to so many venues. However, the travels have had their highs and lows. Here’s a light look from recent travels:

High – ThPlaneTravele ribs at the Memphis airport.

Low – The walk to the gates at the Hong Kong airport.

High – Transportation options (both trains and shuttles) at the Atlanta airport.

High/Low – The friendly taxi drivers and scenic route, past beautiful old southern mansions, on the way to the Mobile airport.  The horrible hamburger during a flight delay there.

Low – Money savings measures that prevent the airlines from cranking up the air while they fix a minor problem and we sit on the tarmac in 110 degrees at the Las Vegas airport.

High – The friendly TSA agents at the Helena airport.

Low – Customer service agents in Manila who require you to stay on the phone or they won’t continue to work on a flight problem their airline caused.

High – Fantastic Khao Soi at the Thai restaurant in Sacramento airport’s old terminal.

Low/High – The sense of humor of the car agent at the Billings airport who, when asked whether or not this Californian needed a jacket to pick up a car at the outside lot, said no it’s pleasant outside. Actually it was about 35 degrees with about a 30 mph wind.

Low – The lack of legal taxis at the Guangzhou airport

High – Free WiFi at more and more airports.

Low – The undocumented car rental fees at the Santo Domingo airport.

High – The candy store (with giant Smarties) at the John Wayne / OC airport.

Low – People movers are really only paths when they’re mostly not working in the Charlotte airport.

High – Great people in so many places who really care about doing things right and doing the right things for kids.

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  1. Hi all,
    I can’t include exotic places like China, Santa Domingo, and Hong Kong among my summer itineraries, but I’m thrilled to have spent time with my friends in New Jersey, Michigan, Minnesota, Chicago, and Indiana, and at the TSD and STN conferences. I was struck – as I always am – by the absolute professionalism and kindness of school transportation folks. I never tire of the thrill of being with you, and seeing first-hand your thirst for knowledge and your quest to do the best possible job for kids. The actual process of travelling to see you is hard work, but I never regret having done it. I’m thankful to all of you who put up with (what I hope is my one high maintenance issue) my reluctance to rent cars in new places, and arrange for ground transportation that always makes my life easier.

    Best of luck as you begin the new school year.

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