Happy Anniversary

Clearance Lights has just passed its 2nd anniversary. We’d like to take this moment to consider where we are and where we might go in the future. First, thanks to all of you who have dropped by to read our musings. Thanks also to School Transportation News for reprinting our posts. We’d also like to thank our respective spouses Mike and Jan for tolerating yet another distraction.

celebrateWhen we first started this blog we were looking for a quick and easy outlet to express our opinions and to incite some discussions. In that regard this effort has been a success – even if the discussions have mostly been between the two of us, while the “quick and easy” wasn’t quite. We’d still like to get more of you involved in our discussions. To that end, we’ve slightly revised the layout to highlight most frequently commented posts. Please let us know what else you’d like to see here. More or less opinions, analysis, stories, and humor? We’re definitely open to suggestions.

BTW, we’ll graciously accept anniversary gifts when next we see you.

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  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I am sure you would have liked feedback…I have found your postings as thought provoking. Sorry to say I haven’t commented enough THANKS TO YOU BOTH! here is a “like”! 🙂

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